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WitchingVeil Peace in the Pandemic Poppet

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These handcrafted poppets are filled with Lavender buds and a single quartz crystal point that sits right at the stomach or solar plexus of the doll. This poppet is a creation of peace, tranquility and rest~ an ally in the world filled with fear, sadness, apprehension, grieving and so much more hardship. But in the times of grief and fear we need peace as a remedy~ peace of mind, body and spirit. Your poppet is your friend and companion on your road through this pandemic or any speed bump, challenge or mountain in life. The poppet will bond with you each time you are in each others presence creating a link of peaceful energies and vibrations allowing you to heal.

Each poppet comes with a card with meditation suggestions and incantation to chant to empower your work and healing. The incantation was designed and authored by Madame Áine just for this poppet to suit the needs of the trying times that lay before us all. These poppets were crafted with love and dedication to helping bring the balance of Magic and Meditation into your lives. 

Poppets are not a toy and intended to be a spiritual tool and healing implement, please keep away from animals and pets unless supervised. 

Crafted with cotton, crystals and lavender herbs~ dolls are 11" tall. We have two body styles to choose from with different patterns~ Goddess style with curvy hips and Neutral style for gender neutral style. Choose from drop down menu ~