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Purchase the WitchingVeil membership to gain access to discounts, clearance items, shipping discounts and direct email notifications on sales, new products and services before they go public. In general most pricing on products made by Madame Áine will be a keystone in between her wholesale and retail prices. 

  WitchingVeil membership offerings~ membership is $33.00 for 6 months of discounts, 

10% off The Grimoires, Ye Old Amulets &Talismans, The Magical Apothecary and Sacred Statuary collections. 

15% off Wort & Stone Apothecary collection. 

20% off WitchingVeil Witchcraftings collection. 

25% off WitchingVeil Potions and WitchingVeil Talismans collections. 

After you purchase the membership you will be emailed with the WitchingVeil.com codes for purchases at the current discount rate and code to enter the WitchingVeil Membership page at Ravenwyck.org to take a peek at the exclusive products and sales that are happening. 

If you have any questions please contact us at Witchingveil@ravenwyck.org ~ 

~6 month membership is $33.00~ non refundable. Membership discounts are subject to change.