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WitchingVeil Magical Spell Sprays

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Hand blended and crafted body and room spell sprays created by Madame Áine. Each event is blended uniquely by Madame Áine to enhance your magical space with aromatherapy and magical vibrations. Each bottle has it's own incantation to speak whilst anointing your sacred space our body~ written by Madame Áine HPS ~ ✴ all written contents are owned by Madame Áine and cannot be replicated in any form physical or digital without expressed permission. 

3 scents/intents to choose from drop down menu ~

Abundance Spray~ scents of evergreens, frankincense and bayberry invoke attraction energies to obtain and secure abundance in all forms. 

PROTECTION Spray ~ a powerful scent of fire, tobacco and grounding earth scents akin to the most forest floor~ for burning off and grounding unhealthy vibrations and forces then laying them to rest for good. Great 'Go Away' spray!

Smudge Spray ~ sage, rosemary and earth tones bring the uneven vibrations to a balance for your home and body alike. Need to create a peaceful atmosphere instantly, a little spritz will do. 

4 oz spray bottles~ 

Designed, blended and bottled by Madame Áine🌙🖤