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WitchingVeil Healing~Good Health Cast a Spell Kit

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These simple yet effective spell kits were created by Madame Áine for the beginner and novice alike. Casting a spell is a time honored tradition from many magical backgrounds. A spell is a focused intent within a construct using different materials and items to enhance and strengthen your projections to ensure a successful manifestation. Using candles, herbs, stones and most important, the written and spoken words or incantation puts your magic or intent into correct alignment within the Universe. When the alignment is in accordance with the powers that be and your path forwards, manifestation occurs.

Madame Áine has designed and blended the anointing oil and has authored the incantation herself sharing her almost 30 years of witchery and magic. This kit is crafted to be a springboard for your own personal magic and workings. Feel free to add any extra items; candles, herbs, personal items and magic to enhance your casting! 

Kit includes~ 1 mini candle and candle holder, 1 glass vial of crystal chips, 1 vial of anointing oil, 1 incantation scroll with ritual yarn, 1 bag of herbal mix and general Spell casting guidelines scroll (not shown). All items arrive in a bag for easy access and storage. 

Personal custom Cast a Spell kits available upon request~ 

Ma gic be with you from the Wayside Witch🌙🖤