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What We Knew in the Night~ Reawakening the Heart of Witchcraft by Raven Grimassi

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What We Knew in the Night is the last book written by Raven Grimassi and it is an exquisite piece of spiritual and magical literature. ~ 

Raven Grimassi is among the pioneering authors of the modern witchcraft renaissance. In What We Knew in the Night, he presents a cohesive and complete system of witchcraft based on traditional sources. The author’s premise is that, beginning in the 1980s, with the rise of modern metaphysical publishing, authors began presenting very personal witchcraft practices. In the process, traditional and formerly well-established practices fell into obscurity, which potentially lead to confusion.

What We Knew in the Night uncovers and clarifies those buried gems for a new generation, assembling and integrating key components of witchcraft, past and present. Grimassi lays out key mystical and practical foundations of witchcraft and restores their important role.

Sharing lessons and advice from his own almost 50 years of personal study and practice, Grimassi explores what he describes as the “heart of the old rites.” He also offers practical instructions and a clear 5-step process of empowerment―one chapter for each step ―for anyone who wants to walk the path of witchcraft: 

  1. Virtue of the Moon
  2. The Wafting
  3. The Witch’s Blade
  4. The Clay Pentacle
  5. The Witch’s Ring

Having accomplished these steps, the reader will possess the “quintessence of witchery” and be firmly grounded in the arcane art of witchcraft.


A true Elder of the Craft we are honored to offer Sacredotes wisdom and stories. 🌹

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