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~ The Witches Charms & Witch Blade Pillows ~ Artwork by Madame Aine

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Witches Charms~ The sacred Mandrake Root, Witches Besom and Pentagram are traditional Witch symbols brought together here to form a Protective Empowering sigil~
The Witches Charms patch pillow is a 11" diagonal x 7.5 x 8.5" cotton canvas patch pillow handmade by Madame Àine and Michael~
Witch Blade~ This design was actually one I did for a tattoo years ago, inspired by the Occult symbols in Wort Cunning work. The crescent blade is seen cutting the flower of St. John's Wort at Midsummer. These pillows are durable cotton canvas and measure 13 diagonal x 10" x 10" and are made by Madame Àine & Michael.
Make selection where indicated~ sold separately or in a set ( 1 Witches Charms & 1 Witch Blade ) at a discount. 
✒ Àine Ouellette 2012