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The Mourning Serpent Spell Strand~ Jet ~

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"The Serpent of Life coils and uncoils from the Quintessence of the Cosmos. We are born from the Ether and live into our Ancestors memories....."

The Midnight Black colors of the Protective and Warding vibrations dance along these Spell Beads. Featuring a haunting center bead of pewter, a coiled snake with celestial markings ~ flowing through the neckline are beads of ( largest 2 sizes  ) Lignite Jet, Onyx and Black Agate in various sizes. Smaller metal and glass seed beads flesh out the length. Each bead is strung on the strand as I chant my Spell song to bless and enchant the strand with intent. I envision the piece being engulfed in the correct  vibrations allowing the Spell to frame the piece completely. Using colors in Magic strengthens it's forces here on this plane helping to manifest the desired and needed outcome. When you wear this spell strand firmly speak your intent and requests to attune with the spell cast upon it~ these spell strands are carefully crafted with the longer lengths taking me almost 2 hours to complete. They are sacred talismans for ritual or your daily armor. Created on the Dark of Moon between three 2 full moons of October for best lunar influences.

Necklaces are handcrafted and assembled by Madame Áine and are 46" in total length. *Length is long enough that it may double up for a choker style on some persons. 

Comes in a black bag for storage and incantation scroll written by Madame Áine.

May Magic be with you from the Wayside Witch🌙....