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The Crystal Pyramid Ritual Candles~ Blessings or Banishing Candles

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These candles are crafted for ritual Craftings and spell work. Made of paraffin with a lightly scented blend of intentional oils and powdered crystals and or shards of crystal for more enhanced energies.

Blessing candles are for Cleansing, healing, consecration and general successful assistance in workings. It is an Attraction vibration.

Banishing candles are to banish, bind harmful energies and vibrations, create a shield of protection and push away evil. This is a Reflective vibration.

These votives have an approx. burning time of 7-8+ hours. Keeping wicks trimmed properly will help candles burn more efficient. These are great for spell work as you can write intents and names on paper and place under the candle base to create a focal point.

Keep away from pets and children ~ never leave candles burning  unattended.

May Magic be with you from the Warding Witch🌙 ~~~~ Always handcrafted with Magic by Madame Áine~