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~Warding Talisman ~ Black Kyanite Pendant

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Talisman~ Witches Banishing Magic~ Talisman~ She rides high upon the night sky sweeping the demons from your sight~ 

These darksome kyanite broomlike stone pendants are for protection and to ward off harms, unhealthy forces and people. Each broom is unique, allow for metal smith, natural and artistic variations.

The Witch Broom as it's called, Black Kyanite needs no cleansing as it neutralizes harmful energies and forces wherever it lays. It pushes, sweeps away these forces that are not in accordance with your spirit and body. It is also labeled broom because of it's natural occurring shape, fanned out with slender bristle like formations, hence the brooms likeness.

Wear this talisman to "broom" away those energies & forces that should try to do harm. Repel psychic vampires, the jealous, envious, hateful, dementor like vibrations from your being. I suggest at each full moon hanging your broom out for a good moon charging. And they love fresh rain so hanging them in a rain shower or storm truly energizes the stones Spirit!  

These talismans can be worn on your person or hung up in home, business or car for protection and power.

Pendants range from 1.75" ~ 2". Pendant comes on an 18" chain.  

The crystals are of small size stones. Each piece is handcrafted by myself. They have a black patina applied and are sealed with a finishing wax. 

May Majick be with you from the Wayside Witch🌙 Madame Áine ~~~~