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Sacred Smudge Bundle Blends

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 Smudging or other rites involving the burning of sacred herbs or resins, is a ceremony or ritual practiced by some Indigenous peoples of the Americas.  In some cases the ceremony is for spiritual cleansing or blessing, but the purposes and particulars of the ceremonies, and the substances used, can vary widely between tribes, bands and nations. While several well-known cultures may use forms of sage (for example, common sage or white sage and cedar that is local to their region, the use of sage is neither universal, nor as widespread as was once commonly believed. It is used very commonly by New age practitioners and the Wiccan community for their rituals and practices but was not found to be a traditional practice of European heritage. 

Not all Native American or (FNIM) cultures that burn herbs or resins for ceremony call this practice “smudging.” While using scent and scented smoke (such as incense) in religious and spiritual Ritesis an element common to many different cultures worldwide, the details, reasons, desired effects, and spiritual meanings are usually unique to the specific cultures in question. From Wikipedia~


These Sacred smudge blends will help to invoke certain vibrations for your magical rituals and ceremonies~ each herb should be honored and not wasted on mere trifles such as a pass through the home after a fight or break up... it should be burned with honor and respect through a ritual or ceremony setting. Take pride in working with these tools at they are here to lend us their magic and should be treated with highest regards. 


There are 8 blends to choose from at this time~ 

▪Prosperity ~ blend of Mountain Sage and Pine. ~ appox 5-6" long.

▪Love ~ blend of Mountain sage, white sage and wild lavender. appox 5-6" long.

▪Dragons Blood ~ mountain sage with powdered Dragons blood resin coating. appox 4.5-6" long.

▪Blue Sage & Lavender ~ blend of Blue sage and lavender leaf. appox 4-5" long.

▪Healing ~ blend of Mountain Sage, Copal and Cedar. ~ appox 4-5" long.

▪Black Mugwort ~ Black Mugwort ~ appox 8-9" long.

▪Cedar ~ Cedar ~ appox 4-5" & 6" long.

▪Lavender ~ Lavender ~ approx 4-5" long.

▪Blue Sage ~ Blue Sage ~ approx 4.5"-5.5" long.