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Hecate Altar Statue

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Hecate Triformus, the Triple Goddess

The original Holy Trinity was the maiden-matron-crone. Her torch of lunar fire, serpent of immortality and knife of midwifery imbued her with primal power, especially in Greek, Egyptian and Celtic cultures.

Christian tradition diabolized her as queen of witches to obscure her importance to the agrarian societies of medieval Europe as a source of healing magic.

Goddess of the Night, the Triple Goddess reveals her wisdom and healer aspects, which were vital to midwives and common people well into the Middle Ages. Hecate embodies the original Holy Trinity who held sway over heaven, earth and the underworld. 

[Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City]

 Hecate by Jeff Cullen

Queen of Witches, She rules the Underworld. Her witch flame torches and sacred serpent proclaim her the Keeper of the Hidden Mysteries.

3 inch cold cast bronze colored statue.