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Palo Santo Wood

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 The ancient Incas used Palo Santo wood ceremonially to cleanse themselves of unhealthy spirits and energy. In shamanic traditions the wood was used for spiritual purification, energy cleansing, and healing. Palo Santo today is commonly used in aromatherapy, smudging rituals and naturopathic medicine.


These Sacred Wood will help to invoke certain vibrations for your magical rituals and ceremonies~ each herb should be honored and not wasted on mere trifles such as a pass through the home after a fight or break up... it should be burned with honor and respect through a ritual or ceremony setting. Take pride in working with these tools at they are here to lend us their magic and should be treated with highest regards. 


Palo Santo sticks are ~ approx 4" long x 1" wide and weigh approx 1/2 oz each. Listing is for one 1/2 oz stick.

May you have blessings always~ 

The Wayside Witch🌙🖤