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Toad~Spell Reliquary necklace~Toad Leg Bones

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Toad Spell Apothecary Style Reliquary necklace features Toad bones set into a brass & glass sealed bottles. All of these bones are from one specimen and share their bones in my Toad Balm found in the shop.

 Toad Medicine & Magic  (Wikipedia)  

The toad is also considered an astral traveler because he can survive in both worlds - aquatic and the physical. He can be in the spiritual or emotional level represented by water and the physical plane represented by the ground.

He is grounded in his spiritual being. While the toad may be a stubborn guide, he often will help you with encouragement. His attention to detail will help in learning to communicate with the spirit world. He is also a sign that spiritual education can take time. Do not be frustrated when things do not happen overnight. Have patience and persistence.

Toad shows up as a spirit guide when...

  • You are feeling unlucky and your luck is about to turn.
  • You need to give back to others that have helped you.
  • When you are being challenged to do the right thing.
  • You seek emotional or spiritual guidance.

Call on a Toad as a spirit guide when...

  • You need to pay special attention to minor details in your life.
  • Are afraid you may be missing something.
  • When you want to communicate more clearly regarding emotions or spirituality.
  • You have a difficult choice or decision to make.
  • Unsure of which opportunity is the right one for you. 

    Necklaces are approximately 20" in length and ones with the heavier link Chain can be shortened by using clasp on links.This is a sacred tutelary necklace and should respected with the utmost honor and care. Necklace should be stored in a black bag or cloth when not wearing.You will receive the Summoning Spell parchment with your purchse.

    ✴Toad medicine has been a part of my life since I was a child~ it still is a potent Magic as I am reaching my Croning. Know this right from the start, I do not take life from any life source intentionally. I believe in protecting oneself and will always practice self preservation in my life. The animal, bird, etc. specimens I ritually work with and craft into talismans were acquired already deceased from Nature or other (as ethical as I can find) sources. I cannot 100% guarantee a life may not have been taken before it reached me, no one really can, I can only trust others word. But know that when it reaches me it is loved, blessed, consecrated and treated like family. Each bone, feather, skin etc. is honored for it's life with such sovereignty and respect regardless of how it's life end was met. I speak to the spirit and offer my love and service with loyalty. I cannot stop harms of animals for food source or native practices of other cultures, I can only affect my environments directly, so when these beautiful creatures (this includes plants, minerals too) reach my home they are no longer lost, they are loved. I would rather honor them and work with their Spirit than to see them lay wasting away alone with no respect upon their lives and death. Each talisman created will refect this Magic. If we do not honor these tokens properly then we lose sight of what it is to be spiritually balanced. I am for animals rights~ as I am for plant, stone, sky, water and human rights. It is ALL life, period. Thank you for your time and enjoy the Magic Conjured. Lady Àine 👿🌙