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Mystical Masks

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Need to enhance your Covid~19 protection regimen? Want to show your Magical touch while out in public and strengthen your measures to guard against the viruses we face each day? These Mystical masks are a great addition to your magical attire, social distancing measures and frequent hand washing! 

Masks are cotton blend with 2 layers and a pocket to insert an extra filter for extra protection. Stretch cord ear loops can be shortened or lengthened by your own needs. We suggest adding wide ribbed ribbons to lengthen them for a tie around the neck/head or cutting the cord and re tie for a tighter fit. These are adult sizes and efficiently cover the face from nose bridge to under chin and cheek bone to cheek bone on *most faces. They measure  " x " . 

These masks were lovingly made with Majick by my Witch Sister Mary Cabot Dunne from the Cabot Tradition of Witchcraft and Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple in Massachusetts. She always creates such magical wares and imbues them with protection and blessings! Made with new material but please wash before wearing. 

Disclaimer *Use these masks in accordance with local health care directions and CDC guidelines. We do not guarantee or make any claims of health results due to the use of these masks. You use them at your own risks. Stay safe! 

There are 4 assorted themes to choose from we will pick one for you! 

Theme #1 Witch ~ assorted scenes with a beautiful Witch wearing her iconic Hat and familiars (black cat and or a Raven) in a wooded scene. 

Theme #2 Gothic Ravens ~ assorted scenes of bewitching Ravens with a gothic setting of Iron gates and our gnarly old trees. 

Theme #3 Wolf ~ assorted scenes of wolves in a wooded area with or without the full Moon present. 

 Theme #4 Black Cats~ assorted scenes of black cats with or without spell bottles, spirit boards, lit candles in a mystical setting much like an old witches cottage. 

**Photos will show an example of the theme and may or may not be the one we choose for you. 

*Masks have been scientifically found to help stop the spread of virus particles into the air and atmosphere near you. Wearing masks when you are in the presence of others outside of your familial bubble is the respectable, responsible and deeply spiritual action. Stay safe beautiful ones! 🌙Be Mystical #MaskUp