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Moon Magic Pillar Paraffin Candles

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Crafted for your Magical, ritual and mundane enjoyment ~ these pillars are crafted with herbal and stone additives, magical incantations and corresponding scents and color vibrations. Conjured by the correct moon phase and blessed upon our Heirloom Altar at Ravenwyck~ always handcrafted with Magic~

The candles are created with highly refined paraffin wax, herbs, crystals and cosmetic grade fragrance oils. 14 oz of wax at 3" tall and 2.5" wide.

Currently available~ 

Full Moon ~ made during the current monthly Full Moon Night~

Dark of the Moon ~ these bewitching candles were conjured on the Dark Moon of May bringing in the energies to help release, banish and relinquishing unhealthy vibrations. In the Dark we find the solace to heal and see without seeing, to grow from a place of letting go to move forward in the light of the New Moon. The scent is of Dark Indian Oud Wood, Santal wood, sensual musk with a hint of warm Earth. Color is pitch black with Wormwood herb and a quartz crystal to embellish the power of the candle. 

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These pillars have an approx. burning time of 60+ hours. They need to be placed on a heat proof plate or candle holder to protect surface. Candle colors may vary slightly due to natural crafting effects. By following all candle instructions you can avoid any spillage ensuring a longer burn times. Colors/appearances will vary due to natural processing crafting effects.

Remove all tags before lighting candles. Never leave candles burning unattended, keep from pets and children. Follow all precautions when burning candles~ not doing so could cause fire or injuries. 

May Magic be with you from the Warding Witch🌙 ~~~~ Always handcrafted with Magic by Madame Áine~