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Luck of the Cunning Crow Reliquary necklace~ Carrion Crow Wish Bone

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Crow Wishbone Victorian Rosary style Reliquary necklace features a English Carrion Crow wishbones set into a brass & glass specimen dome aka a cloche~ a simple bewitching piece to bring luck and protection to each wearer. 

 Necklaces are approximately 37" in length dark brass chain with 3 Rainbow Obsidian Stone beads.This is a sacred tutelary necklace and should respected with the utmost honor and care. Necklace should be stored in a black bag or cloth when not wearing. Two necklaces to chose from~ tall dome is 2.5" tall & short dome is 2" tall~ choose from drop down menu please. 

✴Ethically sourced English Carrion Crow bones~ Honored deeply for the gift the beautiful creatures has shared~ Each talisman created will reflect this Magic. If we do not honor these tokens properly then we lose sight of what it is to be spiritually balanced. I am for animals rights~ as I am for plant, stone, sky, water and human rights. It is ALL life, period. Thank you for your time and enjoy the Magic Conjured. Madame Àine ☆🌙