~ In the Witches Garden Body & Room Mists ~
~ In the Witches Garden Body & Room Mists ~

~ In the Witches Garden Body & Room Mists ~

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In the Witches' Garden mists are brewed on the New Moon for the best healing and cleansing energies to accompany the natural healing aromatherapy powers of the oils & herbs blended magically together by my hands and heart~ 

Choose from~
Uplift (citrus patchouli) blend for a invigorating smell and vibration. Available in 2oz & 4oz bottles.

Cleanse & Bless (sages & lavender) blend for a cleansing, healing mediative smell and vibration. Available in 2oz & 4oz bottles.

Many of my creations were taught by my beautiful mother who was a granddaughter to a Cherokee woman, herbs are in my families blood~ I weave the energies of Earth and of Spirit into my craft with my natural gift as a hedge Witch~ Following the Moon and Her Magic I cast, conjure and craft Magick/Magic into each tin!

I try to acquire only organic and or Wildcrafted and cosmetic grade materials for my blends and potions~ If I grow it, it is whole organic, as I cannot guarantee others products organic percentages I will state my products are at least 90% organic. I use food grade containers of glass or stone for the best complimentary energy. 

Disclaimer~ I do not claim to treat or diagnose any emotional, mental, or physical afflictions~ This is a holistic/Spiritual remedy by my measures~ The uses I give are suggestions~ use with common sense and consult your health care doctor or practitioner before trying any new applications. 

Use with common sense~ Do not eat or ingest~ Can be used on the hair, body or sprayed around the room.

Learning about the individual ingredients and their remedy applications prior to use is beneficial in all treatments and application benefits.

So enjoy not only my Magic but the Earths Magick too!

Bright blessings and healing from the Wayside Witch🌙~

I ship outside of the U.S. upon request~