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Artisan blended fragrance oil ~ these are designed to be worn as a personal anointing fragrance. Blended with cosmetic grade fragrance oils and or essential oils.
As above, So below! Deep and potent Hex draws from the energy of warding and protection~ a preemptive strike to those that may try to do you any harm. It hexes away harms and applies karma to those that have already committed the offense. Deep exotic scent of tobacco, warm earth, myrhh and Indian attars mixed smoothly together to catch the offender and trap their vibes straight away. Hex works as a karmic tool of magic~ what is sent to you is returned in the manner given~ Banishment for the bane and Blessings for the bliss! 

Each bottle is 12 ml just under a 1/2 oz of oil~ 
Designed, handblended and bottled by Madame Àine🌙 the Wayside Witch