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~Death by Daggers ~ Two of Swords earrings

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These Dagger/Sword earrings can be worn for protection from harmful gossips, slander, jealousy and envy. They also protect from psychic harms and attacks.

These daggers or swords can be also interpreted as the Two of Swords from the Tarot deck.The swords are perfectly balanced, showing a balanced and stable mind, and that both sides of the situation need to be addressed. The crossed swords are also symbolic of the need for a truce and the Suit of Swords indicates that the problem at hand needs to be resolved using logic and intellect.

Whether or not you wear them for protection or for the power of the intellect they are a most magical addition to your attire. Call it your daily armor!

Silver toned pewter daggers/swords have been set with a small black glass crystal near the top or handle of piece and small Blue Goldstone beads accent.

Total length of earrings is a wee under 3 inches. Hooks are stainless hypo allergenic metal. 

Assembled by Madame Àine🌙

May Magic be with you from the Wayside Witch ~~~~