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Dark Prophecy Hand of Fates Moon Talisman ~

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This bewitching talisman features a Black Obsidian or Dark Blue Goldstone crystal ball atop of a silver toned spindly witch hand. Crafted together with lead and nickel free pewter and charged under the Waning Moon. This piece represents the power of the unknown forces in life, tapping into the realm of intuition and mystery. Allowing potent visions to come to the surface of your mind guiding you to a more correct future path. A wonderful and wicked talisman for the palm reader, gypsy, witch or healer! There are 2 Obsidian and  Blue Goldstone to choose from drop down menu.

Pendant is a wee over 3" long and will come on a 18" matching chain.

May Magic be with you from the Wayside Witch🌙...