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Dark Mandrake Poppets ~ Clay Root Fetish ~

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 Dark Mandrake~ Mandragoras~ ~ The Bewitching Mandragora Mandrake Clay Roots~ I have crafted these poppets from poly clay and soil from the potted Mandrake Officinalis roots here at Ravenwyck ~ the poppets are created ritually and then placed upon the Heirloom altar to be Sanctified.   *No toxic substances are attached to these poppets during or after creation~ they are infused with the herbal energies.
Each one has it's own Spirit to help guide you and conjure the potent Root Magic that lies within. These Dark clay Mandrakes represent the root pulled out of fresh damp moisy earth, hence the darker color at the root ends. I created these clay roots on the Dark of the Moon to help strengthen the protective, banishing energies. And on the cusp of the New Moon brings beginnings to love and money wealth spells. A scroll accompanies each clay root that has the usage information on the Root contained therein.
This little talisman is created to resemble the mandrake root which brings in the powerful energy. Magically Mandrake root has strong Earth Magick and when worked with can connect you to these elemental vibrations. A grounding herb, it helps to center and stabilize ones energy fields. Witches, healers, Earth keepers, and botanical practitioners revere it for it's power and Magical assistance in workings and gardening.
Historically Mandrake, May Mandrake or May Apple has been used in folklore traditions for Protection, binding harms, money and even love. It is most often used in replace of the costly and hard to find European Mandrake. This wee woman/man will bring these magics into your life!
These poppets are a must have for the Witch, Wizard and herbal conjuror! A most enchanting friend to have in your magical cupboard for sure. Each clay root comes with a small card with a letter, this letter was given to the root as it will be the first letter of the name each root will communicate to it's new companion.
Traditionally Witches use roots in their magical workings to bind energies to the intent they cast outwards. Roots of any kind can be used to "grab" a hold of a particular vibration and anchor it for spell work.
 A powerful charm for Magical Cunning folk. Great energy for herbal Witches and those on the Poison Path to work with~~~~
You will receive one Dark clay root. These are NOT toys, they are intended for magical/Spiritual purposes only. Clay Roots are 4-5" long. Allow for artistic variations please. There are 4 Roots to choose from drop down menu ~ 
May Magic be with you from the Warding Witch ~~~
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