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🖤Dark Lust🖤

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Magic of the Old Ones ~Lusty Vampiric Fragrance created for a stockist and debuted at the Portland Oregon Vampire Masquerade Ball in May~ being offered here in limited quantities for a limited time only 🖤

Eternal, carnal, ripe with lust and sexual fever~ a blend that invokes sexual magic and a thirst for life! 

This beautifully dark blend is luring, intoxicating, mysterious and most importantly, full of Seduction Magick!

Herbs and resins of Dragons Blood, Root of Orris and powdered Garnet stone lay quietly at the base of this enticing blend. I then have blended patchouli, cherry, Indian amber, moist earth scent and a hint of leather to create this dark shadowy blend. It will morph on your skin and into your life~ handblended and crafted by Madame Áine Hps 🌙🖤
May be used as a fragrance or ritual anointing oil. Let the enchantment invoke the spirit of the beautiful Night Creatures in their dimly lit castles in circles dancing wickedly through the night~ making love, chasing shadows and drinking in Life eternal! 

Comes in a 1/3 oz. roll~on bottle for application. Discontinue use if ANY irritation occurs. 

Blessings be yours~ From the Wayside Witch🌙~~~