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Crystal Vessel Pendulums ~ Divination ~ Pendulums

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These Crystal Pendulums are unique in design~ The top silver toned fob of the crystal unscrews revealing a small chamber for your herbs, other small stones or personal items ie, hair or nails.

There are several different ways you can use a pendulum for divination - you can learn a lot with "yes" and "no" answers. The key is to learn to ask the correct questions.

Use with a divination board~ some people like to use their pendulum in tandem with a board - the pendulum guides them to the letters on the board that spell out certain messages.

Find lost items~ akin to a dowsing rod, a pendulum can be used to point in the direction of missing things.

If you have a specific yet complex question, lay out a group of Tarot cards with the possible answer. Use the pendulum to direct you to the card that has the right answer.

Locating magical/energy sites~if you're outside, carry your pendulum with you to assist on this process. Some people believe that ley lines can be located via pendulum divination - if you happen to stumble across a specific location that makes the pendulum go haywire, consider holding ritual there after carrying a protection circle.

Pendulums are on 7" chain with 1"-2.5" long crystals not including chamber fob on top.

Select from 2 Lapis or 3 Rose Quartz pendulums where indicated. Pendulums will arrive in a pouch for storage.

May Magic be with you from the Wayside Witch🌙Madame Áine ~~~~