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Sanctified Moon Spell Candles~ by Madame Áine

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Sanctified Moon Spell candles are 6" taper candles handcrafted with paraffin wax and magically blended intention oils. Blends are brewed with herbs and stones to strengthen the intent.
They are designed and conjured by Madame Áine Ravenwyk using a specific incantation while they are being created.
Dark Of the Moon is for waning, binding, banishing and releasing energy work. You decrease during this time. 
New Moon is for waxing, conception, growth, advancement and strengthening energy work. You increase during this time. 
Full Moon is for fulfillment,  completion, success, attainment, drawing in the Knowledge, Illumination and Spirit connections.
These intention Sanctified Moon Spell candles come in a bundle of 3 and have a card with instructions and Incantation to be used with the candles Magical activation.
Please follow all safety guidelines for best results. 
All Incantations are rights reserved by Madame Áine Ouellette 2020