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Palmistry Hand Necklace ~ Astrological ~ Occult Hand

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 Inspired by the Victorian era rosaries I've crafted this necklace to bring the Old World Witchery to the wearer. For Protection, Averting evil, Warding Magic and Palmistry influence. This hand is double sided ~ one side shows the lines of Palmistry and the other shows the Astrological symbols and occult eye~
ROSARY SOLD OUT~Total length of Rosary necklace is 37" long. Assembled with a Silver toned Hand with Eye charm and a Rosary chain.
🌙I also have 1 plain silver tone chain with Eye and hand pendant necklaces~ 26" chain~ 2.5" pendants. Choose style from drop down menu please.
Necklace should be stored in a black bag or cloth when not wearing. 
Assembled with Magic by Madame Áine🌙🖤