Autumn Apple Paraffin Candles
Autumn Apple Paraffin Candles

Autumn Apple Paraffin Candles

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 A warm Apple cider in hand, the Witching Season is upon us. A cool breeze wips it's way through the wooded path ahead~ 

The candles are created with highly refined paraffin wax, herbs and cosmetic grade fragrance oils. 

These candles have a sharp spiced fermented apple scent with hints of cinnamon and clove.

These votives have an approx. burning time of 20 hours. They need to be placed in a heat proof votive sized candle holder to contain wax as paraffin will run over at low temps. A holder that fits candle snug is ideal for optimal burning time. Candle colors may vary slightly due to natural crafting effects. 

Never leave candles burning unattended, keep from pets and children. Follow all precautions when burning candles~ not doing so could cause fire or injuries. 

May Magic be with you from the Warding Witch🌙 ~~~~ Always handcrafted with Magic by Madame Áine~