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Under the Bramble Arch ~ A Folk Grimoire of Wayside Plant Lore and Practicum by Corinne Boyer

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 Under the Bramble Arch

A Folk Grimoire of Wayside Plant Lore and Practicum

Under the Bramble Arch is the second offering in a trilogy of books by Corinne Boyer following on from Under the Witching Tree, Corinne is a folk-herbalist known for her work exploring both the traditional and personal medicinal and magical applications of plants and trees which, as Corinne explains in her video introducing the trilogy, are often revealed through their accumulated folklore.

This is a trilogy that guides us into the realms of plant lore, folk magic and folk medicine. The second book, Under the Bramble Arch, explores the magical and medicinal applications of the plants of the wayside; those liminal places where the wild meets those unkempt and forgotten landscapes of humankind.

Corinne’s work, backed up by nearly twenty years of experience in the field, is full of information that is today little known, particularly within modern herbalism. This is a book which presents the reader with a wealth of home-spun and very hands-on practices exploring tales, charms, spells, recipes and rites focusing on twenty different plants.

Royal format 234 x 156mm. 258 pages with 24 pages of black and white photo plates.

 Published by Troy Books, United Kingdom