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The Nature Instinct~ by Tristan Gooley

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Learn to Find Direction, Sense Danger, and Even Guess Nature's Next Move—Faster Than Thought~

A captivating guide to finding one's way in the wild."-- The Wall Street Journal Publisher's note: The Nature Instinct was published in the UK under the title Wild Signs and Star Paths. Master outdoorsman Tristan Gooley was just about to make camp when he sensed danger--but couldn't say why. After sheltering elsewhere, Gooley returned to investigate: What had set off his subconscious alarm? Suddenly, he understood: All of the tree trunks were slightly bent. The ground had already shifted once and could easily become treacherous in a storm. The Nature Instinct shows how we, too, can unlock this intuitive understanding of our surroundings. Learn to sense the forest's edge from deep in the woods, or whether a wild animal might pose danger--before you even know how you know. 

Paperback, 384 Pages. 1.1" x 5.8" x 8.0"  * Book stand not included.

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