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Black Toad Fetch Poppet

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The Black Toad ~ Witch Fetch and Personal Guardian ~ Poppet ~ 
The Black Toad known for it's 'Witch Bone' power to bestow the magical abilities upon the possessor. Stepped in old European folklore, the Toad has been loved and hated through time. A benevolent creature who assists the Cunning Folk with their healings and cures from hexes and the familiar to the malevolent who poisons and curses... the Toad is no stranger to the Magical Realms~ often killed for it's supposed ability to transfer power to the seeker and tortured as it was believed to be a Witch in guise. Sadly, the Toad has been misused, abused and left to be a hated creature.
But this beautiful animal holds so much Magic to share with us. A symbol of Transformation and perseverance. A shapeshifter and companion to the Garden and eco systems. Toad Magic is a strong medicine for the practitioners of the Old Ways. 
These Black Toad poppets were ahand sculpted from clay, crafted with natural fibers and conjured with Magic on the 3 nights before the New Moon~ Dark of the Moon phase, to best bring in the Toad Knowledge and assist you in your workings. Toads thrive in dark, damp places and find comfort and security in those dwellings. These are vessels for the Toad Spirit to reside in while they are your magical companions.
The Toads carry a hand made broom with a Rowen berry attached ( one broom is made from a hawthorn twig~ Toad B~ and the other is a weeping willow twig~ Toad A ), they have eyes of Rainbow Obsidian, an ethically sourced bullfrog foot (hand) and attached to the tresses are a vial of ethically sourced toad bones, a vial of Black Toad fragrance, a key charm, skull bone bead and a iron nail. Inside the Toads robe are Spanish moss, herbs, stones and oils for protection, warding and transmutation. 
There are 2 Toads to choose from drop down menu. They measure 8" tall and will come with an Incantation scroll and Magical working info. These are not toys and should be kept away from pets and children.
NOTICE! Price is for one poppet with medium flat rate priority shipping in the US included. MAKE SURE YOU FILL IN THE ADDRESS TO BE SHIPPED TO WHEN ASKED FOR BILLING ADDRESS. 
Each component was handcrafted~ the head, robe, brooms~ Handcrafted at the Ravenwyck Crossroads by Madame Áine🌙