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Pillar of Magic Paraffin Candles

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Crafted for your Magical, ritual and mundane enjoyment ~ these pillars are crafted with herbal and stone additives, magical incantations and corresponding scents and color vibrations. Conjured by the correct moon phase and blessed upon our Heirloom Altar at Ravenwyck~ always handcrafted with Magic~

The candles are created with highly refined paraffin wax, herbs, crystals and cosmetic grade fragrance oils. 14 oz of wax at 3" tall and 2.5" wide.

Currently available~ 

Earth Hag ~ a fresh green earth scent, a garden after a rain warmed by the growing Sun. Hints of moist earth and humous ground the fragrance. Bits of Oak Moss and Rosemary herb adorn the candle. Candle can be used with prosperity and abundance ritual work. Color is spring green. 

Midnight Majick~ a musky, leathery, scent with hints of patchouli and dragons blood. Lavender buds and crystals embellish and enhance this candles Magic~ an invoking candle for empowering your ritual work. Color is Royal Blue.

Dragons Blood~ the rich and warm sensual scent of Dragons Blood resin. For empowerment, strength and magic! Dragons blood resin embellishes this candle. Color is deep blood red. 

Protection~ to ensure all your circles, rituals and day to day journeys are safe and sound. A scents of cloves, earth and black Oud~ Mugwort, wormwood, cloves and earth root herbs, obsidian crystals and a wee white stone skull enhance this warding and protective candle. Color is matte black. 

Rose Patchouli~ the alluring grounding scent of fresh summer rose petals and warm earthy patchouli enhance the amorous free spirited~ can be used to set the mood for a lover's trist or a night of pampering oneself deep within a bubble bath. Rose Petals collected from the Ravenwyck gardens, patchouli herb and garnet and rose quartz crystals embellish this candle. Color is light brown and pale pink. 

Abundance~ this fresh cleansing scent of Evergreen, Juniper, bayberry and Frankincense Tears stimulates and uplifts the spirit and brings mental awakening. Vibrations of greenery simulate abundance and prosperity into manifest. This candle can be used to attract abundance in all forms called upon into your life~ use this candle for rituals of success, money and attraction. Herbs of rosemary and frankincense, Nephrite and clear quartz stones enhance the Magic. Color is Deep Forest Green. 

Rue~ Ruta is a very powerful herb known in old Tradition of Stregheria, or Italian Witchcraft. It was used for many Magics including protection, avert the evil eye, success, luck, love and blessings. This candle encompasses all those vibrations and is crafted with a pungent Rue and moist dirt scent along with dried Rue pods and seeds from the a Ravenwyck gardens. This is a powerful candle to be used in your rituals, circles and home. Color is vibrant yellow green. 

 Witches Potion~ the haunting scent of warm fresh earth, cloves and patchouli~ a scent that teases of a damp musky cottage in the woods inhabited by the Old Crone conjuring and casting into the night in a early Autumn eve. This is a candle to enhance your Magic whatever the purpose or intention. It is above all a protective candle that invokes our awareness of our ancestors and the dark wood spirits. A scent that stimulates the mind to vision quest through powerful meditation. Herbs of Mugwort and clove embellish readily along side clear quartz and obsidian stones. Color is Jet black. 

 Libation~ this scent is so rich and vibrant you will want to drink the candle~ it embodies fruits, harvest wines, and a base of citrus. A nod to the Gods for their assistance in our lives and rituals. Used in rituals as an offering candle, it's scent brings Mental intoxication and lifts the spirit into alignment for a deeper ritual connection. Herbs of sandalwood and crystals embellish and enhance this candles magic. Color is pale wine to burgundy.

Rites of Spring ~ Available mid February 2021

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These pillars have an approx. burning time of 60+ hours. They need to be placed on a heat proof plate or candle holder to protect surface. Candle colors may vary slightly due to natural crafting effects. By following all candle instructions you can avoid any spillage ensuring a longer burn times. Colors/appearances will vary due to natural processing crafting effects.

Remove all tags before lighting candles. Never leave candles burning unattended, keep from pets and children. Follow all precautions when burning candles~ not doing so could cause fire or injuries. 


May Magic be with you from the Warding Witch🌙 ~~~~ Always handcrafted with Magic by Madame Áine~