Hail and Welcome to

Business Operations During Pandemic

As we're all navigating as best as we're can through these trying times with the Covid-19 virus amongst us, we whol continue to operate the retail and wholesale businesses with care and all sanitary manners. Please read through carefully~ 

During the holiday weeks please try to limit your travels to essential needed and necessary outings as this virus is at a dire rate of infection currently. We have decided to only be open via online until after New Year's to help keep the spread of this virus down as much as we can do our part right now. We will be having sales and doing our best to add the current stock to the shop here to support our Hallowed Hag clients. We thank you for your understanding and continued support. Stay safe and well~

~Please remember that each person that travels out for goods can potentially spread the virus, please follow strict guidelines for everyone's safety. We will follow all cdc guidelines and package and ship your order as safely as we can. When we go out for needed groceries and supplies we strictly implement the wearing a cloth facial covering in all stores and where physical distancing is not possible, we encourage you all to do the same. We take this virus very seriously and will continue to support the governors guidelines to ensure safe environments for all citizens. This virus is sometimes amongst us very silently and it is killing people, we all have to play a part in helping our communities and families sustain through this pandemic. We understand people need their spiritual supplies, candles, stones, herbs etc. please be patient as we all navigate this new way of life and way of conducting business. We are at a critical time to continue to keep our communities safe, let's be the spiritual people we profess to be and help save lives.~

 With love, trust and hope in my heart~ 💛 Madame Áine