Each poppet or Black Hag is crafted individually and has a Divine uniqueness to each one. SPIRIT Dolls are crafted to be a focal point for you to call upon the protective Guardian Spirit of your house and home allowing it to rest inside the vessel as it guards and protects you. It is akin to the Genii loci of old world worship, In classical Roman religion, a genius loci (plural genii loci) was the protective spirit of a place. Poppets are for Majickal/Magical workings and ritual use.

This Spirit Doll poppet will act as a home for the guardian spirit that is most healthy for you, you will create a Sacred Space and call forth and invoke the spirit to join you as part of your family to guard and guide you each day and night. These are very unique tutelary poppets and should be regarded with honor and graciousness at all times. Each poppet will come with instructions and or ritual workings and or an invocation incantation parchment written by Madame Áine.

 Poppets for ritual and everyday magic~