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Witch Apprentice Talisman ~ 1921

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These wickedly magical 1921 "Witch" coins are US Morgan dollars crafted into a talisman to wear. These hard to find designs have been etched into a 1921 United States Morgan dollar coin. The year is significant to me as it was the year my Grams Ouellette was born. She passed on some of her manifestation magic abilities to me for sure! I've used molten pewter to create a setting around the coin to wear as a pendant or other treasure you may use it for. Would make a great pendulum too! These coins are 90% silver 10% copper alloys. 

I love these as they depict a naked Witch with her Besom at the ready before the Book of Shadows of her magical mentor which appears to be very androgynous, so it could be a Wizard or Witch training her in the Arts. Or is she signing her soul away to the devil...? The room is adorned with a pestal and mortar, pitcher and spell bottles...through the window we see the mountains awaiting the flight of the student. This is a great piece for practitioners and muggles alike. But know that it holds magic and wisdom to those that know the Path. A great collector's piece, magical talisman and conversation piece to say the least. So many Magics with this one~ Feminine Power, Sexual potency, Prosperity, Protection, Initiation, astral flight and more! 

Coin in 1.5" in diameter~ handcrafted setting with lead and nickel free pewter by Madame Áine🌙

There are 4 pendants to choose from drop down menu. Comes on a matching pewter chain in a velvet black bag for safe being.