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Majick Poppet Spell Kit

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These mini herbal poppets are handcrafted by Madame Áine and Amy Horror~ complimentary herbs, resins, oils and stones rest inside the cotton black and white cloth body awaiting your magical touch. With each poppet comes a bag filled with a mini colored candle carved with the basic intent, a 1 dram vial of oil, a corresponding stone, a pouch of herbal mix and a poppet spell pamphlet. Herbal and oil blends by Madame Áine. Each poppet comes with a small decorative pin and red wool yarn for works~ *not intended for use but persons under 13 years of age~ sharp items can cause injury if misused. Do not ingest any part of spell kit~ oils are for external use only, discontinue use if ANY irritation occurs. Herbs are not too be ingested. Never leave candles burning unattended, keep all items away from pets and children for safety. Use common sense in all situations. 

There are 4 intentions to choose from the drop down menu~ Love☆Protection (Sold Out) ☆Abundance☆Healing ~ poppets are 7" looking by 4.5 side at arms width. 

Enjoy the Majick! Best bewitched blessings, Madame Áine🌙🖤 HPS