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WitchingVeil Sacred Herbal Ritual Soaps

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Hand crafted and hand blended herbal ritual soaps crafted with essential and  or cosmetic grade oils, natural herbs and resins by Madame Áine. Each small batch is conjured with incantations and corresponding scents to create magical soaps not only for everyday use but for pre ritual cleansing. The herbs and resins in each bar enhance the natural magical and healing effects as well as can be an exfoliant for your skin. 

There are 3 base formulas~ Goat's Milk ▪ Honey Glycerin ▪ Olive Oil ▪ each having different scents to choose from~

Goat's milk scent blends~

Lemongrass Ginseng Ginger ▪ zesty lemongrass, warm ginger and healing ginseng notes with crystallized sugar ginger root.

Patchouli Orange ▪ oils of warm orange and earthy patchouli perfectly in balance with Patchouli herb. 

Olive oil scent blends~ 

Dragon's Blood ▪The scent of true Dragons blood resin with Dragons blood resin. 

Olde Forest ▪ a scent of fresh greenery at dawn, mingled with most earth tones with Oak Moss and Oak Bark herbs.

Lilac and Rose ▪ Fresh bloomed spring lilac and fragrant fresh Rose with Rose petals from Ravenwyck gardens.

Honey Glycerin scent blends~

Honey Wine ▪ a sensual uplifting cheerful blend of warm honey mixed with a fruity wine with Raspberry leaves. Simply intoxicating, but don't try to ingest this! 

Equinox ▪ a blend of scents portraying the aroma of the earth at the equinoxes~ both emerging and decaying in balance with White Willow bark. 

Soap bars are an approx. 6~7 oz unless otherwise noted. Large bars of soap for lasting use. 2"x4" in size. DISCONTINUE USE IF ANY IRRITATION OCCURS~ keep away from mouth and eyes. Do not ingest.

Crafted with magic by Madame Áine🌙