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☆○Witches Midnight○☆ ~ Herbal Potion Fragrance

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Herbal Magic ~Bewitching Fragrance my best seller 🖤

Upon Her broom She circles the sky~ singing and chanting as She does fly~ a powerful blend for attraction, manifesting Majick, protection and empowerment!

This beautifully dark blend is spellbinding, mysterious and most importantly, full of Magick! Midnight is the time of Magick. A time that is no time or place...well known to those that craft Magick into their lives. This oil was blended during the midnight hour and blessed with a new and full Moon.

Herbs and resins of Mugwort, tears of Frankincense, blood of the Dragon and root of the Earth clove lay quietly at the base of this mystical blend. I have cold brewed oils of the deep wood scents and bound them together to create this darksome oil. *To give a hint of the smell, it been likened to the Yankee Candle "Witches Brew" ~ handblended and crafted by Madame Áine Hps 🌙🖤
May be used as a fragrance or ritual anointing oil. Let the enchantment invoke the spirit of the winsome Witch in Her woodlands circle dancing wickedly at the midnight hour!

Comes in a 1/3 oz. roll~on bottle for application. Discontinue use if ANY irritation occurs. 

Blessings be yours~ From the Wayside Witch🌙~~~