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Sacred Sabbats Oils

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Artisan blended fragrance oil ~ these are designed to be worn as a personal anointing fragrance. Blended with cosmetic grade fragrance oils and or essential oils.
Spring Sabbath blends bring to you renewal, regeneration, celebration and hope. Designed and crafted by Madame Áine with the intent of the Green Goddess and Horned Lord in focus. These uplifting, sensual and inspiring blends are alluring representations of the fertile spring earth and her lusty horned consort. 
We have 3 blends to choose from drop down menu~ limited seasonal offering~
May Queen~ a vibrant warm spring bouquet of budding flowers with warm grounding moist fertile earth scents. A perfect combination to honor the Queen of May as she is ripened with life!
Hoof and Horn~ musky and lusty~ scents of warm earth, leather, Indian musk and a hint of sweet cologne~ a little provocative blend to entice the Rites at Bealtainne! The Horned One awaits his Queen!
Flowers and Faeries~ fresh, crisp and awoke with new life, this blend invokes the a spirit of the Fae and the flora. Scents of the newly unfurled sprouts on the forest floor teeming with fresh dew.. ferns, hawthorn flowers, may apple umbrellas all coming to life and inviting you to come play in the Woodland glade! 

Each bottle is 10 ml or 1/3 oz of oil~ 
Designed, handblended and bottled by Madame Àine🌙 the Wayside Witch