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WitchingVeil Mojo Charm Bags

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These Spell bags also known as Mojo, Conjure and charm bags are crafted as a beginners tool to add your own magic. Each colored bag represents a different spell or purpose, a magical intent to be focused on and with your own magical mental projections will hopefully manifest well into your life path. Prefilled with an intentional herbal blend, crystals and base magic you can add your own items to these bags to enhance and strengthen the intent chosen. Each bag has a charm attached to wear or give away to connect the vibrations of the spell bag to the practitioner or recipient of the spell cast. All bags have been conjured with base intent magic by Madame Áine and await your additions.

There are 8 spells or intents to choose from drop down menu ~

Protection (Black bag)~

Blessings (White bag)~

Love (Pink bag)~ 

Success (Yellow bag)~

Courage (Orange bag)~

Abundance (Green bag)~

Meditation (Purple bag)~

Attraction (Red bag)~

Healing (Blue bag)~

Bags are 3x4" approx size. Please select intent/color from drop down menu. * Not intended from children under 16 years old. Small items can cause a choking hazard, keep from animals and small children. DO NOT INGEST ANY PART OF THIS BAG. 

Hand crafted and assembled with Magic by Madame Áine🌙🖤