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The Mongolian Bone Casting Set

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Our Ancestors were aware of the Magic of Nature and Her gifts long ago~ they appreciated, cared for and revered animals, plants and minerals to the highest esteem. All parts and pieces of an animal or plant was honored in life and after in death where they would take the items left and utilize them respectfully in everyday life as their food and clothing and in sacred ritual as in shapeshifting, medicines and divination.

The Mongolian heritage used the ankle or knuckle bones of sheep mostly, to divine and procure knowledge from the Hallow or Spirit world. This knowledge helped the Shaman, Healer and Magician heal and give advise in their tribes and communities. They were known as the Shagai~ 

These bones have been collected and prepared by Madame Áine with care and respect. Ethically sourced bones have been blessed, ritually stained and then sealed, being placed on the Ravenwyck Heirloom Altar before being wrapped into the new recycled leather casting piece. Each leather piece is etched with the Pentagram, the 4 elements and 5th Quintessence symbol~ the Mongolian symbol Soyombo or 'Self Created' ~ the symbols Fire▪Sun▪Moon ~ 🔥☀️🌙

  • Fire is a general symbol of eternal growth, wealth, and success. The three tongues of the flame represent the past, present, and future.
  • Sun and moon symbolise that the Will exists for eternity as the eternal blue sky. Mongolian symbol of the sun, moon and fire derived from the Ancients Magic. 

There is a parchment with the possible throw combinations denoting the divination or message from the bones. The leather piece is placed down in front of rear and the bones are thrown upon the surface, where they land is interpreted by the reader in relation to the combination of the bones. This u.s. an extra process that can be implemented or one may simply read the 4 positions of the bones. There are 4 sides to each ankle bone~ the accompanying card illustrates each side and animal attributes ~ Camel, Horse, Goat and Sheep. The reader is not already familiar with the Shagai wil have to learn the design of each side to memory making it easier to divine the bones layout. 

There are 3 sets of bones to choose from drop down menu ~ 

▪Elk bones stained with powdered Dragons' Blood resin ▪

▪White Tail Deer bones with Natural, no stain ▪

▪Elk bones stained with Charcoal ▪

The Elk bones are much larger in size measuring approx 2.5" long 1.5" wide each with the Deer bones measuring approx 1.75" long by 1" wide each. 

Magic be upon you from the Wayside Witch🌙🖤