At the Witches Midnight

It is Midnight here at Ravenwyck...the crickets and other song bugs are serenading the world here to slumber. It is almost the end of August and the cool air nights have begun...the Dark time of the year is approaching, I have been busy with my conjuration of treasures, trinkets and magical wares for the upcoming launch of this website & shop. I have been multi tasking magical creations for weeks now and although it seems like my chores may go on forever...the end, or beginning is in sight.                                                                            I craft each piece with a vision, a spiritual purpose in mind that I then put together from the Magic within. I always strive to create on the most auspicious times to imbue the pieces with the needed frequencies and vibrations. My pieces are not just a physical manifestation, they are Magic. From the beginning vision in my minds eye all the way to the consecration of each piece on our Heirloom Altar. It is a passion of mine to share with you all my Magic. Without Magic in our lives we become brittle and stale, we wither and recede into disarray. With each talisman, candle, Poppet or spell I manifest I imbue it with the utmost sacredness of the All, the Universe...Nature both loving and cruel. I do not craft to fill my shop to make a sale...this is Magic not Walmart. I flow with the seasons and try to do my best at creating complimentary pieces to be in harmony with the turning of the wheel. I wax and wane, ebb and flow. I will conjure a healing spell as well as manifest a cursing Poppet for protection. It has to be balanced for it to be true Magic. But don't think that I am condoning harm, I am not... By protecting oneself by means of Magic you are practicing self preservation which is not harmful by any means. If you tread against me, I will meet you eye to eye. I will also go to great lengths to heal and rejoice in love Magic...for balance is key. I love healing work because it is a vibration that stirs deep inside magical folk, even if it never truly surfaces, healing is innate with the Cunning & wise.
So when you see the appearance of the WitchingVeil in the next couple weeks, know that I work with the blueprints of Nature and the beautiful Magic from within...As Above~So Below...
Good eve or morrow to each of you.
Lady Aine

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