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~Roses For Susan Joy~

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Rose Petals For Susan~ As many of you are my loyal customers you have received packages with our treasures in them~ you may have noticed in most if not all there have been dried Rose petals strewn lovingly in those parcels. I'm going to share with you the reason & Magic behind the petals. ~We lived next to an elderly woman that had some mental impairment from a previous head injury and other health concerns. Sadly the years that she lived with her daughter/family she was not given proper medical help for her medical conditions & was the object of neglect, severe verbal abuse with threats & as can be go along with verbal, physical abuse was also suspected. After we realized what was taking place in the home we documented the verbal assaults, threats & woman's cries for help. We called the Michigan state police to investigate & they spent minutes there only to leave without any intervention. We were later told that the elder mother stated that she was hard of hearing & her daughter had to raise her voice for her to hear better. That is not the case, (we recorded & uploaded the video to YouTube to help educate about abuse situations, you can hear for yourself, link will be in comments below) this was verbal abuse & threats. It was sickening & frightening all the same. I then called the state abuse hotline & made a report telling them that we had documentation, they referred the case to the St. Clair county APS. A day later they came out, staying for 45 min. Being told by the daughter that the Witches were lying & trying to get them in trouble. Sadly they left the elder woman. To make this very complicated, horrible story as short as possible, the elder mother died on 11/17/14 from what was first deemed 'under suspicious conditions' on the death certificate, later being changed to complications due to extreme hypothermia. She was in her bedroom but some how was overcome by cold. The police report & medical examiner's accounts are disturbing. Old and new cuts & bruises. No medical attention given for most of the time she lived with her daughter/family. They tried to tell the ER staff she was harming herself. But if that was the whole story, which it is not, it is elder neglect to not get appropriate care for self harm. Again this is a long complicated story but I wanted to give you a little back story about the Rose petals~ so after almost 6 months a college student for social care work obtained the police report and was distressed at it's contents thus sharing it with us as they were aware of with the events & my attempts to help. They contacted another daughter of the elder mother & we were able to fill in the blanks for them along with the investigating detective immediately contacting us. He believed the abusers lies sadly. Now he had my testimony with the footage. When I spoke with the other daughter, we cried together, grieved & shared anger over the events, lack of help for her mother. She told me how had her mother been able to get outside of the house & be in our gardens she would of loved it. She shared with me that her mother loved roses, they were a beloved flower in her own gardens years ago. And so Michael & I began buying rose plants whenever we could to plant by the property line for this woman. Her name was #SusanJoyCurtis and each petal is in honor of her. Michael & I go out every Summer when in bloom & collect the petals & dry them in our Coven house. When they are dried they are placed in a jar and await an order from one of you. We hope that the life that ended so tragically lives on in the journey to & with you. We hope that the caring & love that Michael & I have shared for our 30 years together is gifted in those petals. We think of Susan each time we see those gorgeous blooms & smell the fragrance. Where her life was one of abuse & neglect, the roses live on strong, vibrant & with love & beauty. We could not stop the abuse nor could we help with saving her life. But we can share the Magic in honor of her with the bond of love here @ #Ravenwyck ~ know this Magic each time you see & smell those little gifts that bless your parcels. Know that these horrible events and senseless death of this woman are not forgotten. Elder abuse is real and it is a huge problem that sadly goes unreported, under investigated and rarely are the criminals held accountable. The events we heard & saw will live forever in our minds and hearts. My Soul will always weep for the horrific things people do to others in this world. I hope that these Rose petals bring you solace, love, peace and protection. If you yourself are a victim of abuse of any kind, let them empower you, if you know or suspect abuse happening please be strong and report it. I am always here to talk about these topics that I hold very near to my spiritual path, if you need info on agencies or hotlines please visit our page @ Ravenwyck.org Eradicate All Hate for more info. Please speak for the silent, I am doing this right now for Susan. You could save another life or even your own. My love and eternal gratitude for each of you. #StopElderAbuse #SharetheLove #SharetheMajick #StandfortheSilent #BeMostExcellenttoEachOther #MadameAine🌙 https://youtu.be/avcz6XrxCJM Eradicate All Hate Elder Abuse video~

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  • Thank you for sharing this story. I always save the petals, even though I just read this. I burn them on my altar or sprinkle them under the Rose of Sharon for the fae. Gratitude to you & Michael, always.

    Monica Laumann on

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