Revealing the Veil

Thursday August 31st...putting final touches together for shop Collections. A gorgeous day here at Ravenwyck, sun shining with a gentle cool breeze. Peaceful and serene. I am looking forward to the coming Full Moon next week as I hope to then launch the WitchingVeil shop, fingers crossed. My life is chaotic most of the time because we have the rescue kitties and some with longterm health challenges. A flare up can happen at any time and that means the rest of my life goes void to care for them. But my plans are with the rise of the September Moon we will reveal the WitchingVeil Collections. There will be a few items in each Collection to start as I am still working on designs for some. I work with my wonderful consort & best friend Michael, on the Sacred Skins Project as he is the sewing machine and trimmer. We have over 25 years of experience individually & together combined into our Magical endeavours. This is a rare Magic in this world and we are honored to share our gifts with all of you. We both lovingly honor Nature with our gratitude and respect for the Spirits that have gone into Shadowland~ their skins, bones, furs and feathers are loved always. Our home/yard has been filled with many animals/insects for many years and we've brought in the beautiful vessels of some of them to always remind us how we are all a part of this universe whether it's in physical form or Aether. Michael and I are shapeshifters utilizing many self taught skills and crafting to achieve the correct balance in our creations. Nothing is without purpose and nothing goes without being respected completely. We really are self sufficient beings, finding common solutions and devising new ways to create or craft something that presents a challenge. So I am very excited to release both my creations as well as our collaborations as they were all forged with love, trust and hope in our hearts. Nature has taught us well the Magics that bring the Light and Shadow into one.
With love and gratitude,
Lady Áine🌙

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