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☆From Spirit to flesh ~ from the flesh into manifest ~ Handcrafted Occult & Alchemical Talismans & Jewellery ☆ Ritual Sundries ☆ Wort Cunning Apothecary ☆ Curios & Oddities☆


Conjured, handmade & handcrafted at the Ravenwyck Cottage in rural Michigan Woods. Always in balance with Nature, we use ethically sourced materials in honor and utmost respect. We are Living Witchcraft everyday, our treasures reflect this Magic and dedication as you will see and feel. We work our creations with Alchemy including the metals we smith with to bring into manifestation the most potent wares possible. I have over 24 years of hands on crafting as a Witchcraft shop owner and Crafts woman, my Magic is my art and soul. I not only craft for my gallery but have in the past and currently share my gifts and wares with several Magical shops in the US. Feel free to browse and enjoy the Magic. ☆ 


When the Witching Veil of fancy ever sought truths naked sternness to conceal, life's abundance flow through all creation, and that felt which never yet could feel, Nature, thus for Love's Embrace fitter, all ennobled was, and lived in glowed, all too understanding eyes the traces of celestial footstepsshowed.

~Schiller translated by Mrs. Edgar Lucas

Invoking Magic